Rubber egg 2.jpg

Making a bouncy egg!

We added an egg to white vinegar ~ now we have to wait for 5 days, YES 5 whole days to see if the egg shell dissolves and then we can see if our egg will bounce.

Rubber egg 1.jpg
Rubber egg 7.jpg

After 5 days the vinegar had dissolved the egg shell and the egg was 'squishy' to touch,  The egg would not really 'bounce' as we found out at our first attempt at this experiment!

We poured off the vinegar:

Rubber egg 5.jpg

Swilled the egg in cold running water:

Rubber egg 3.jpg
Rubber egg 4.jpg

And then we felt the egg and found that it was very squishy.  It had also swollen.

Why don't you try to make a 'bouncing egg' but remember ~ it doesn't really