Early Learning for Twos* (ELT) funded care for 2 years-olds

We are able to provide your child* with free Early Learning for Twos Nursery Education, flexibly and at times to suit your needs as a busy / working parent or carer.


Free settling in visits are available to ensure that your child is able to feel comfortable with us prior to beginning the sessions.


We provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating home environment with quality indoor and outdoor play experiences, walks and trips, and the opportunity to meet in a larger peer group at our local "Play & Stay" (with parental consent).


We encourage good, positive interactions with both the staff and children to help children to develop good language and communication skills and build increasing self-confidence.


We create opportunities for children to make choices, to explore, and to communicate their ideas.


For further information about Early Learning for Twos Nursery Education go to the Sandwell.gov website below.




* subject to eligibility criteria