After School Care for children aged 3-11 years.

Our After School Club operates from "end of school day" to 6:30 and is for children aged 3-11 years. 


Once we have collected everyone from school, the children have refreshments and can relax and socialize within the group.  After refreshments the children can take part in a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities including:


Art and crafts

Ball games

Board  games (inc. "Guess who", "Frustration", "Days-of-the week", "Connect 4", "Jenga")


Circle time

Guinea pig petting (supervised and with parental consent)

Jigsaw puzzles

Lego (there is sufficient quantity for the whole group)

Outdoor play (we have an extensive rear garden with a large paved and grassed area)

Puzzles and quizzes,

Scalextric Club

Train set (there is sufficient quantity for the whole group)

Tricycles and scooters

Evening Meals provided free of charge.


For children who remain with us until 5:30 or later we provide an evening meal (usually a cooked meal) which is served at 5:00.  When booking with us you will be asked to tell us of any allergies your child might have and any other points we should consider when providing food for your child.